DHRME Wearables Skagen Falster Gen 6 – Why would anyone buy this?

Skagen Falster Gen 6 – Why would anyone buy this?

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Announced at CES 2022 – and we’ve got our hands on it! What do we think of the Skagen Falster Gen 6 smartwatch? And how does it compare to its biggest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

We do not know why Skagen made this watch because there is absolutely no reason to get it.

Alright, let us be very clear. We do not know why Skagen made this watch because there is absolutely no reason to get it. Ok, there are maybe two reasons and we’ll get to those.

Keep in mind, Skagen was bought over by Fossil. So the specifications are pretty much the same as you get on the Fossil Gen 6, which is a couple of months old already. A bunch of things are similar on the Skagen compared to the Fossil Gen 6.

The processor is the same. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+, 1 gigabyte of RAM, 8 gigabytes of storage, 1.28 inch screen with 326 pixels per inch (PPI). Got your loudspeaker and microphone to be able to make and answer calls. There are a bunch of sensors including heart rate as was SP02 for blood oxygen.

And it also promises 80% charge in half an hour of charging, which is pretty impressive. And so you’ll be at about full charge in an hour. Now, a difference you will notice from the Fossil Gen 6, 5ATM water resistance. The case is 41 millimeters and 20 millimeter lug width and the straps are interchangeable.

So you can swap out this strap. If you like the one we have over here, it’s called the ‘Midnight Silicone’ in black, but you can get it in; espresso leather, silver, stainless steel mesh, charcoal stainless steel mesh and a midnight stainless steel mesh. So a lot of options you got there. On the Fossil you do as well. Very slight variations because you got a men’s version and a women’s version as well. It does run WearOS 2. Now, this is a big, big topic all across the news. It still comes with an older version of WearOS. Now, it’s not entirely Fossil or Skagen’s fault because they’re still waiting for the rights on WearOS 3 from Google. So the expectation is that they’ll get it around about mid-2022. So it’s a future promise, but it’s likely to come. But you don’t get it when you buy it right now.

Alright and the Skagen Falster Gen 6 retails at $295 on their website and on Amazon it’s the same price, probably because they just released. But if you compare it to the Fossil Gen 6, it also retails for around $299 on the website but on Amazon you can get it for around $229. So keep that in mind. It’s very possible that Skagen will play with prices so keep an eye out in the description for the latest prices by using the links.

Alright, let us be very clear. We do not know why Skagen made this watch because there is absolutely no reason to get it. There are maybe two reasons and we’ll get to that. But starting off, it makes very little sense and we’ll tell you why. It’s because we’re comparing it to another watch I have here; the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

We’re super surprised as a consumer. We wouldn’t buy this Skagen watch at all as a consumer. We would go for the Galaxy Watch 4. Let us explain. So starting off, just purely on the specifications. You see that the Galaxy Watch 4 comes with more RAM and storage. So 1.5 gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage on the Galaxy Watch 4. Compared to 1 gigabyte of RAM and 8 gigabytes of storage on the Falster Gen 6. So over here, we’ve got a difference already in terms of processing capability, as well as storage for apps and other data.

The screen on the Skagen is definitely nice, but when we were comparing it, we kind of preferred the Samsung. So while looking at the specs, it was quite obvious as well because the Samsung comes with 326 PPI, like mentioned before, but the Samsung Galaxy watch 4 has 530 PPI. Now, that’s a huge difference and you notice it. So, for display, it really has to go to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Another huge difference between these two is in terms of options on the Skagen. You only get the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi option in one case size; the 41 millimeters, whereas Samsung has a couple of options. You can get it in the normal Bluetooth/Wi-Fi option, but you can also get an LTE version. So, if you want to use your watch independent of your phone, then Samsung’s your pick. At least, they give you that option.

And again, if you want customisation, the Skagen has a lot of options, like we mentioned. A lot of strap options, case options, but the Samsung just has many more. You can get the Galaxy Watch 4 in a 40 and a 42 millimeter. But you also have a Watch 4 Classic which you can get in a 44 and a 46 millimeter. You can also get the watch in a host of strap options and two to four colors, depending on which one you get, whether the Classic or the regular Galaxy Watch 4.

Well, a huge gripe we have on the Galaxy Watch 4 is battery life. That’s the number one reason why we would not recommend it because you get a day, and you can squeeze out a couple of more hours with some battery saving tips. Now the Skagen is going to get you something similar as well in terms of battery life, based on what the Fossil Gen 6 was like as well as what other reviewers have said after the CES event. So for battery life, neither are going to be your pick.

Getting to the core of the differences; the software that they’re running. As we said, the Skagen is running WearOS 2, whereas the Samsung is running WearOS 3. The Galaxy Watch 4 is the only product on the market right now that sports the latest version of WearOS. Now, it may make a difference to you, in terms of performance, but we haven’t really noticed a huge difference. Both are quite snappy, but then again, it’s our early impressions. So we’re gonna have to see how that fares later with time.

Another difference is the price. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 retails, on their website, for 250 dollars. The Skagen Falster Gen 6, just to remind you; $295. So that’s already a $50 difference. However, the Galaxy Watch 4 on Amazon or other retailers, you could get it as low as $199.

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⌚️ Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic): https://geni.us/Watch4Classic
⌚️ (Don’t) Buy the Skagen Falster 6: https://geni.us/SkagenFalster6

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So we’re getting to about a $100 difference between these two, so that’s nothing to ignore because you’re getting so many more features on the Galaxy Watch 4. At latest software, better performance, better display, more case and strap options.

But for a hundred more, what are you getting? Well, let us tell you there’s absolutely no reason to get this watch. Period. The only reason you’d get it are the looks. It looks pretty damn good. We thought we liked the Galaxy Watch 4 but we like the Skagen Falster a lot more. Something about Danish design, right? So it looks great, the pushers, the rotating crown, it just feels right. The lugs look nice, it looks like a watch. It looks like a classy watch. We got this model because it was the only one available, but, you know, if you get the mesh one, we think that looks a lot sleeker.

So design is the reason you’d go for it over the Galaxy Watch 4. So why would you get this one, which is $100 more than the Galaxy Watch 4? Reason number two; because it works with iOS. That’s very unique because the Galaxy Watch 4 only works with Android, it doesn’t work with iPhone. So if you have an iPhone and you’re not too fond of the Apple Watch? You’re looking for alternatives and you don’t like the likes to Fitbit, etc? And you want WearOS? Go for the Skagen because it offers support for iOS. Now, so does the Fossil Gen 6. So you will have to decide between the two. Personally, we like the Skagen in terms of looks. And if we’re an iOS user and don’t want the Apple Watch, it’s an option right now. We don’t know what’s going to happen once Skagen does get WearOS 3. Whether it’ll continue to support iOS. Rumors say they will, and I believe Skagen also mentioned that they do want to continue supporting iOS. We’re going to have to see what happens with that.

So that’s it guys. On paper, not very impressive. In real life, it looks like it’s going to be very similar to the Fossil Gen 6. So like we said, we wouldn’t buy it, we would not recommend it, but if we would, there would just be two reasons. That would be the design as well as its support for iOS.

So if you’re still interested in the Skagen Falster Gen 6 or the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, check the links down below and let us know what else you would want to know about the Skagen Falster Gen 6.

You’ve been skipping the Skagen, and we’ve been DHRME.

Namaste 🙏

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