DHRME Audio,True Wireless EarBuds Sony WF-1000XM5 – 7 HUGE UPGRADES!

Sony WF-1000XM5 – 7 HUGE UPGRADES!

Guys, the Sony WF 1000 XM5s are finally announced and Sony’s told us some interesting things about them that weren’t on the specs! Here are 1000 reasons why we think these might be our new daily drivers! Or 7.


Sony’s always had excellent sounding in-ear buds and it seems that Sony’s taking sound to the next level with the Sony WF 1000 XM5. In the press briefing we received, Sony mentioned that the driver has gone from a 6mm on the XM4 to an 8.4mm on the XM5. But that’s not the part that’s nuts. This is a driver made of two different materials. The central dome is a rigid material and the outside of the driver is a softer material, for better for treble and bass respectively. 


Yes – it’s finally happening. After companies like Technics and 1More have been doing it for years, Sony’s finally figured out how to make LDAC and multipoint work directly on its latest earbuds. Multipoint still means just two devices at once though. And what’s more – unlike the XM4, these will release with multipoint straight outta the gate. No having to wait for a ‘summer update’.

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The biggest knock on the XM4 was the comfort. Now – we asked Sony if the kind of tips it has on the XM4 have changed and they said that the materials are still foam like. But they did stress that they are ‘a bit different’ and not ‘the same’. So we’ll have to wait and see how much better it is. What does really give us hope though is that the buds are MUCH smaller which leads us to believe that these will sit better in the ear.


Sony used to have a software ‘wind noise’ setting in the past, but that led to worse noise cancellation in general. Sony seems to be pretty proud of having cracked the wind problem on this latest generation though. And they’re doing it through… hardware! A mesh to be exact. This mesh ensures that the ANC microphones are still running on full strength. – so you get the best of both worlds!


And speaking of ANC – it seems that the ANC is a HUGE step up. Sony calls it the best in the industry and we have good reason to believe that these will go toe-to-toe with the Bose and the Airpods Gen 2. 20% better than the XM4 is no joke! But you know what – hearing is believing and we’ll get our hands on these soon – so stay subscribed for a full rundown of these buds! And when it comes to transparency, Sony also claims that these buds are about as good as the Sony LinkBuds S. Which were a solid Tier A in our book!


A gripe we’ve personally had on the XM4s and all other Sony Buds, is the fact that these buds couldn’t do volume, ANC AND media control at the same time. We had to choose 2 out of these 3. Sony seems to have solved this. But… this one is a bit of a downer because volume is controlled by,.. Wait for it… quadruple touching the earbuds. Yes, you heard that right – 4 taps on the left earbud and then start tapping to turn volume down and 4 taps on the right earbud to turn volume up. I mean… I sure hope it’s customizable in which case I’d change this setting. But hey – this is already a step up.


And when Sony says that these are their buds ever for calls – I can kinda believe them! The Sony WF 1000 XM4 was poor for calls. But every products Sony has put out after that – the LinkBuds, LinkBuds S, WF C700N, Sony WH 1000 XM5, Sony WH CH 720N have all had STELLAR call quality. How do we know? Well because we’ve tested em all out – that’s why. Again – we’re gonna have a MONSTER video coming out on the Sony WF 1000 XM5, so stay tuned! And if you’ve already made up your mind and wanna buy these buds, well just click the links in the description or scan this QR code to buy the Sony WF 1000 XM5. Helps support the channel!

➕ Extras

In terms of battery life, even though the design has gotten smaller, the numbers remain unchanged. You get 8 hours from the buds and 24 from the case. And there’s still fast and wireless charging.

And it seems like the equalizer is an unfamiliar concept to many people. So for newbies Sony has come up with a new way to EQ the buds. We didn’t hear about any sort of a custom hearing test, which almost all other earbuds do now. And there’s also some more information about how much your ears have been protected because of the noise cancelling as well as about safe hearing and health. Which honestly, needs more attention in our opinion.

A smaller change is that, on the WF-1000XM4, you had to hold down both earbuds to get into pairing mode. Now you have a button on the case for the WF-1000XM5. A minor upgrade for sure. And finally, the foam-like tips. They don’t last very long and luckily Sony mentioned that these tips are available for sale separately. Unfortunately, Sony said the the XM5s will not have a semi-open design.


In terms of pricing we’re looking at 320 euros. Definitely on the premium side. We’ll have to see what it brings to the table, but it looks good on paper. And on that same paper, we’re seeing Sony expanding their offerings at every price segment. Interesting times are coming and we are very curious. Let us know in the comments what you would like to know more about these new flagship earbuds from Sony!

You’ve been 993 reasons short and we’ve been DHRME. Namaste!

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One thought on “Sony WF-1000XM5 – 7 HUGE UPGRADES!”

  1. I upgraded from Sony WF-1000XM4 to WF-1000XM5 and I’m very disappointed with their poor ANC in windy conditions.
    Unlike the XM4, they’re actually unusable during outdoor sports activities.

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