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SoundPeats Air 3 Pro – Leave Home Without It

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There’s a case to be made for the SoundPeats Air 3 Pro, even though there are other buds you could buy at this price. They’re priced at just about 60$, so keep that in mind – these are clearly a value play, so we will evaluate them as such. This is gonna be a short-ish review, so stick around to the end and let us know if you agree.

Look – the design of the case and earbuds are VERY clearly inspired by a certain fruit-based company in Cupertino, so we’re going to give it ZERO points for originality. But as a certain fruit-based company in Cupertino’s founder once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal”. Well – SoundPeats have pretty much… copied the Airpods Pro case and earbud design. 

These buds look unoriginal, but have a fantastic, secure fit!

But there are a couple of things about it that we really love. The case is about the same volume of the Airpods Pro case, but it has a nice grippy texture which makes it very satisfying to hold. It’s also much lighter. The slender shape is also very pocketable. And not just design – these are an A+ for secure fit. Man – I have not had such a great fit from earbuds in a long while! I’d definitely take them out for a walk in precarious situations, I’m quite confident these will stay in my ear.

One thing that’s not out of the Apple playbook however, is the touch control. These feature a small area – like all SoundPeats buds – that let you do everything in terms of volume control and playback. Excellent for controlling that TV volume. You know – the one at home.

In terms of sound and ANC – these buds are good for their price class and all right overall. In our review video (above), you can listen to the ANC tests for yourself. We played sound at about 70 DB that has low-end engine sounds as well as people talking so you can see, or rather hear, for yourself how the overall performance is.

SoundPeats Air 3 Pro Frequency Response

We think that the active noise cancelling does a decent job with low end sounds. It’s not STRONG ANC, but more like there is SOME ANC. I think we also got a very good passive seal which really helps. The ANC is especially effective in eliminating low-end noise like AC units or engines. The transparency is surprisingly natural sounding. However, we would have liked it to have a slight amplification. But at the end of the day it should be perfectly fine for moderate noise – like when you’re at home.

For sound – they have a bass bump and a good frequency response – not too dark, mids and highs are well represented. I did notice some sibilance when people spoke their S-es though. What I really like is the bass on these. It’s not overwhelming, but you get the thump of sub-bass and mid-bass. Where these don’t shine is in terms of resolution – not top of the line to my ears despite the APTX tech on board. But it is to be expected at this price. And for me the treble was the worst performing part. You can hear it sounding thin and disjointed at times with hi-hats and instruments in that frequency range. Also on YouTube videos or podcasts, the S’s are uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the app didn’t work for us, so no sound customization to be had. 

So what do we not like about these? Well 4 things:

  • The design is unoriginal as we said
  • The app doesn’t work yet
  • There’s no IP rating for workouts or rain
  • And these are all but useless in wind. Here have a listen in the video above.

Check out how the microphones sound in the video above.

The SoundPeats Air 3 Pro are a bit Apple Airpods Pro inspired!

The conclusion – the microphones are fine. When it’s not too noisy or windy. Like – when you’re at home.

Everything else is pretty ok here – battery life is all right – 6 hours from the buds, 3 charges from the case. There are no bells and whistles. No wireless charging or in-ear sensors to automatically pause your music. But with the Qualcomm chip, you also get a Low latency & Game Mode, for those of you who would want that. No multipoint is to be had, but the single bud use worked pretty well.

So who are these earbuds for? Well – it’s simple. These are budget true wireless earbuds that are satisfactory on many levels. I’d use these as a second set for when you’re at home – doing chores and the like. Or you could be taking light walks with your dog or baby or your… baby dog? Oh and speaking of babies, if you want to watch TV and don’t want those speakers to wake up anyone at home – these are a great second set of earbuds to have. And although we don’t do it – many of you ask which are good buds to sleep in. I found these to be all right while lying on my side. 

So that’s it – the SoundPeats Air 3 Pro. Don’t take them outside – home is where these buds are. 

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