DHRME Audio,True Wireless EarBuds These are the top 10 true wireless buds for fitness

These are the top 10 true wireless buds for fitness

When it comes to good wireless earbuds, there are a lot of choices out there for workouts. So today we’re gonna look at some expensive and cheap earbuds that might make the cut for you. Some of these buds might surprise you!

So we’re taking two parameters – secureness of fit because you don’t wanna lose your earbuds in the middle of a workout and their dust and waterproofing rating, also called their ingress protection or IP rating. 

This rating is always followed by two characters – the first one is for solid particle protection – think dust and powders and the second one is the level of liquid protection. There are some more, but most earbuds just focus on these two digits. The first letter goes from X through 6 and the second from X through 8. X here means no protection against said element, and higher the number, the better.

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The best in terms of ingress rating on our list is the Jabra Elite 7 Active. IP57. Now it doesn’t have wing tips, but Jabra has cleverly engineered a kind of sticky material so that these buds stay in your ears and you know what – it works. These buds sound good, can connect to two devices at once, and have a full-featured app. They also do wireless charging, have an in-ear sensor and – really – all the good stuff. They’re also relatively compact and have very good battery life, and do calls well. You really can’t go wrong with these for an overall package. We found that opening the case was a bit annoying and these aren’t the cheapest buds on our list, but definitely worth considering. Their older sibling the Jabra Elite Active 75T are also an excellent choice if you can still get them – they are way cheaper, but you can’t use just the left bud on its own. Bonus: they are also the bassiest buds. Most of Jabra’s buds except the Elite 85T have pretty solid IP ratings, so you can’t go wrong, but they don’t all have the same features and usually it’s the ‘Active’ variants that are fitness focused.

From Jabra to OnePlus – the OnePlus Buds Pro is not pulling its punches either. IP55, support for dual device and a unique selling point – even the case is IPX4 rated, so you don’t have to worry about some water entering the case. Very cool. It’s also way cheaper than the Jabra, but these buds have a stem style design. Now about stem style designs – don’t let anyone tell you that they don’t work for… working out. Stem style designs are fine, if the tips stick well enough into your ears.

Unfortunately we don’t have any Samsung buds on this list because although the Buds Pro are fantastic sounding buds and are rated at IPX7, we found that they’re not secure enough for working out in. And the newly released Galaxy Buds 2 comes in at a puny IPX2 which we cannot recommend for your sweaty workouts.

Now the SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro – widely hailed as some of the best sound buds out there also have a design with wingtips you can adjust to get the best fit. Unfortunately, this does not hold true for our ears and I wouldn’t use these for anything other than a brisk walk, because my left ear just doesn’t seem to get a good fit, even with different sizes. But if these fit your ears – these are a feature packed set of buds which you can also use for working out. It’s rated at IPX4 only though.

Ok this is a brand you probably haven’t heard much about, but they’re a solid choice for workouts. At IPX5, the EarFun Free Pro also feature a wingtip design, but have the sleekest case we’ve seen, and they are very comfortable for music and calls. Bonus – they’re so cheap, you can buy 2 or 3 of them compared to the next buds we’re gonna talk about. Just don’t expect top-tier noise cancelling or anything. Check out the prices of all products in the description down below. Using those links won’t cost you anything extra, but helps support and sustain our work on this channel.

So from cheap to pricey – for you Apple fanboys, the Beats Fit Pro are a solid package. A word of caution here – the wingtips on these are not removable and we thought they were a bit too sharp and actually hurt our ears a little. So while we wouldn’t necessarily recommend them, these might work for a lot of you. They also have that classic Apple noise cancelling and transparency and a slightly bassier sound signature that works with working out. They also work just fine with Android with the very limited Beats App. And they’re only IPX4. Much like the Airpods Pro.

We’re still staying in pricey territory, so let’s talk about the Bose QuietComfort Buds. These are also a wingtip design. And if you can deal with the case that looks like something you wanna attack humans with, these are a good choice. They are IPX4 rated. Bonus – some of the best noise cancelling in the business. And in recent times, the app has added many features like custom EQs. They’re also one of our highest recommended buds for phone calls.

Do you instead want to look like a musician with a stage monitor in your ear… while you exercise? Shure you can! The Shure Aonic 215s adapters give you an additional level of stability while working out. And they sound pretty much like how they look – very neutral sounding, just like musicians like it on stage. They come with foam and silicone tips for optimum comfort. And Rohan’s been basically using these at the gym since we reviewed them – and they’re still going strong. They’re only IPX4 though, so get your solids and liquids sorted before working on those guns!

And last but certainly not least, the Edifier NeoBuds Pro. Again a stem-style design, but these come in at a respectable IP54 rating. These are one of the most fun sounding buds we’ve heard. They come with LDAC support, but do lack extras like wireless charging and an in-ear sensor to automatically pause your music. But the many tips in the box makes it likely that you will get a good fit. And the tips are also fairly ‘sticky’ so that helps!

And you know what – we are aware there are buds that are not on this list. Just comment your buds down below and we’ll try to update this list.

You’ve been getting fit and we’ve been DHRME. Namaste!

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